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Informative stories about the first months of a wild animal’s life. The books are 36 pages in length with 40-50 color photographs. The series was written for the next generation of naturalists from preschool to grade two. Each book includes an index and a Did You Know? section of unusual facts for parents and teachers.

Praise for the series:

...this series is uniquely useful and valuable because of its excellence and its focus on one species.

School Library Journal

...Nature Babies sparkle with clear, informative pictures....lively texts that invite repeated reading...

Bulletin for the Center for Children’s Books

...sure to enchant readers both young and old. The books are beautifully photographed and cover interesting stuff but not too overloaded with information.

Macleans Magazine

Baby Sea Turtle - Winner of the 2007 Science in Society Journalism Award

With Baby Polar Bear, Lang and Lynch have once again combined amazing photos and biologically accurate text to create a book that is both visually appealing and accessible to young clear concise language this book will fill a niche and make an excellent addition to both school and public libraries.

School Library Journal


In the last 25 years I travelled over 400,000 kilometres (250,000 mi) to observe and photograph the eight species of bears in the world. In that time I took over 40,000 photographs of bears and their habitats.

Praise for Bears: Monarchs of the Northern Wilderness:

A superb summary of bear biology, one that is certain to appeal to scientists and animal enthusiasts.

Dr. George Schaller, Author & Wildlife Biologist

Bears - Monarchs of the Northern Wilderness is the most comprehensive, authoritative, and entertaining book about bears I have ever read. It successfully takes the reader on a fascinating and intriguing journey into the world of bears, from the myths and legends to the more amazing truth.

Dr. Gary Alt, Vice Pres. International Bear Research Association

Bears, Bears, Bears. A19,000-word natural history book for young adults.
Winner of a 1996 Librarian's Choice Award.



After exploring every continent on the planet and visiting over 60 countries, the prairie grasslands of North America is still one of my favorite wildlife destinations.

Married to the Wind - A Study of the Prairie Grasslands contains a 60,000 word text and 130 colour photographs. The book was judged to be "a magical combination of words and images" and earned the 1985 Alberta Non-Fiction Award.

Praise for Windswept - A Passionate View of the Prairie Grasslands

Wayne Lynch has the rare ability to recognize a great photograph through his camera’s viewfinder, as well as to construct a beautiful, illuminating and clear sentence - his love for nature comes through in both these talents.

Dr. Paul Johnsgard, University of Nebraska

Lynch has lived the prairie and here makes it alive. He has produced a masterful account of one of the most beautiful and most threatened ecosystems.

Dr. Bernd Heinrich, University of Vermont

Praise for Wild Birds Across the Prairies
Wild Birds is beautifully designed, with Lynch’s trademark photos gracing every page. As usual, the attention to lighting, colour, composition and focus is flawless and the avian poses are varied. It’s hard to fathom the patience required for these shots.

Encompass Magazine



Written for young adults, each book is 48 pages long and features 25 colour photographs.



A is for Arctic - Natural Wonders of A Polar World (144 pages, 111 colour photographs) is a 60,000-word ecology of the Arctic. The book was selected by the American Academy for the Advancement of Science as one of the best science books published in 1996.

Praise for the text:

It is a wonderful book. Entertaining, but also with a lot of good information...presented in a very understandable and exciting way. His love and knowledge of the North speaks from every page.

Dr. Martin Raillard, Arctic Ecologist, Parks Canada

Whether for research projects or for casual and entertaining perusal, this book packs a punch....Tidbits of trivia contained in cutlines or as marginalia make every page a little gold mine....The glossy photographs, many full-page, are unsurpassed for clarity and composition among nature publications.

School Library Journal

The Great Northern Kingdom - Life In The Boreal Forest was the culmination of a 16-year project on the boreal forest, the largest terrestrial ecosystem on Earth. The book was selected by Canadian Geographic Magazine as the Best Wildlife Book of the Year.

Loons was published in1989. It was reprinted five times and sold over 50,000 copies


A six-volume series that challenges children from kindergarten to grade two to guess the animal owner from closeup views of its house, nose, teeth, feet, baby and bottom.

Praise for the series:

Fascinating details revealed in both text and visuals, along with an uncluttered design and large print, make for an easy read. Highly recommended.

Heather Myers, Resource Links

Crisp photography and a friendly text will keep kids coming back even when they’ve learned all the answers.

Today’s Parent Magazine

Features everything from guessing games to interesting pictures, as well as many details not often included in regular nature books. Guaranteed entertainment for children and parents alike.

Regina Leader Post


My latest series, which began in 2006, is written for children from grades three to six. This series explores the great wildlife ecosystems of North America. Each volume is 64 pages long and includes over 80 colour photographs, and a table of contents. It also includes a list of web sites where children can learn more about the problems facing the ecosystems, what people are doing to save them, and how they can help.

Praise for Prairie Grasslands

Combines personal incidents with expository writing and magnificent full-colour photographs. Excellent selection.

Judith Lechner, School Library Journal

Praise for Rocky Mountains

Beautiful colour photographs combine with engaging text in this fine title in the Our Wild World Series...A good choice for classroom use or for independent research and browsing.

Gillian Engberg

Praise for Arctic

Author Wayne Lynch’s informative and “kid friendly” text is beautifully and expertly illustrated by his colour photography throughout...The Arctic is a welcome and recommended addition to school and community libraries. The other two very highly recommended titles in this outstanding series by Wayne Lynch include Prairie Grasslands and Rocky Mountains.

James Cox, Editor-in-Chief, Midwest Book Review

The desert photographs are some of the most beautiful I’ve ever seen.  I highly recommend this title for classroom use.  I have not seen a better book for the study of the Sonoran desert ecosystem.

Wild About Nature Website




As eminent paleontologist Dr. George Gaylord Simpson wrote: “Penguins are habit-forming, and I am an addict.” Like Simpson, it now seems that I, too, am an addict. Over the past 18 years, I have travelled more than 500,000 kilometres (313,000 mi), including seven trips to Antarctica as well as multiple journeys to the Galápagos Islands, Argentina, Chile, New Zealand and a dozen remote island clusters in the tempestuous Southern Ocean, in search of the 17 species of penguins.

Penguins of the World (144 pages, 136 colour photographs) is a 50,000-word review of the ecology and biology of one of the most popular family of birds in the world.

Praise for the text:

One of the better ones...Warmly recommended.

Library Journal

...superb photographs, many of which are truly exceptional and striking.

Penguin Conservation Association

I can easily recommend this volume to anyone with even a passing interest in penguins, or in wildlife in general. Far more than simply a sumptuous coffee table photo essay, this book offers something for everyone. In this age of overly expensive books, this attractive volume is a real bargain.

Frank Todd, Researcher & World Penguin Expert

An outstanding work! Magnificent colour photographs...a good buy. One only wishes that the text were longer, for Lynch’s enthusiasm and good humour keeps the text lively.

Science Books & Films

Penguins! A 64-page book with 72 colour photographs and written for young adults was a 2002 winner of the Hackmatack Children’s Choice Book Award.


The Scoop on Poop (32 pages, 50 colour photographs, for children ages 8-12) explores the fascinating science of how animals use poop to build homes, attract partners, send messages, cool off and much more. I wrote this book in 2001 on a dare from my publisher and it has become my best-selling book of all time. Total sales may soon outnumber all my other books combined! The Scoop on Poop is currently a popular museum exhibit circulating through the United States.

Praise for the book:

This is a great book. Lynch introduces readers to the science of scat, the purpose of poop, and the meaning of manure...This is a lively, funny, factual presentation. Clear color photographs abound on every page. It is that rare and delightful mix that could serve equally well for classroom support or for recreational reading. Lynch’s style is clear, light, and conveys lots of information, almost on the sly. His sense of humour is pervasive, and he includes several personal anecdotes. It’s the kind of learning where readers think they’re just having fun. Highly recommended.

Janet Delgatty, British Columbia Librarian



This is, in short, far and away the best owl book this reviewer has seen designed especially for general audiences.  The writing is clear, concise, scientifically accurate, and totally readable.
Current Reviews for Academic Libraries

[Owls] is another spectacular wildlife book by Wayne Lynch... The text is meticulously researched and very easy to read...The photos are truly outstanding and a strength of the book as they greatly enhance and illustrate the text...I highly recommend this book to anyone who is interested in the owls of North America.

Bulletin of the Society of Canadian Ornithologists   

One of the Best Reference Books for 2007
 Library Journal



A Complete Guide to Their Biology and Behavior

Release Autumn 2007

Published by Johns Hopkins University Press, the oldest and one of the the most prestigious scholarly presses in North America.

Praise for the book:

This book is a complete and passionate labor of love. It is essential reading for those who are fascinated by owls - and those who aren’t yet are now at risk of becoming so.

Prof. Bernd Heinrich, author of Mind of the Raven

Wayne Lynch is among a select group of North America’s very best natural history writer/photographers. His new book on owls showcases both of these talents as well as his wealth of knowledge about owl biology. For anyone interested in this fascinating family of birds, Lynch’s new book is one you won’t want to miss and will surely treasure for years.

Brian Small, Birding



Wildlife of the Canadian Rockies Book by Dr. Wayne Lynch


The book is a photographic journey through one of the most beautiful places in the world to view wildlife in its natural environment. The stunning images presented are the work of Dr. Wayne Lynch, one of the world’s pre-eminent wildlife photographers. The scope of Lynch’s work and his eye for detail show through in this, the most remarkable collection of Canadian Rockies wildlife images ever published in this format.



Planet Arctic Book by Dr. Wayne Lynch


This lavishly produced book takes the reader on a journey across stunning landscapes to a world inhabited by polar bears, arctic foxes, seals, walruses and muskoxen; visit seabirds, shorebirds and birds of prey; take a closer look at the hardy, yet exquisite, wildflowers and ancient lichens. Introductory essays and extended captions present informative facts on the Arctic, and are highlighted by the author’s extraordinary personal anecdotes.

This celebration of the Far North takes is a virtual tour of the Arctic, and brings to life this distant, frigid yet spectacular place. The author’s enthusiasm is contagious, his eye for beauty unerring and his ability to decode complex natural history concepts unequalled.

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